Senator Jay Hottinger - Senate District 31

03.21.18 - PHOTO: Hottinger Honors Ohio's Longest, Actively Serving Deputy Sheriff


COLUMBUS—State Senator Jay Hottinger (R-Newark) today honored Coshocton County Auxiliary Deputy Sheriff, Royce Emerson on 58 years of loyal service. 


03.21.18 - Hottinger's Bill Would Better Equip School Administrators To Handle Mental Health Concerns Among Students


COLUMBUS—State Senator Jay Hottinger (R-Newark) today introduced legislation aimed at strengthening the ability of Ohio’s school districts to address dangerous behaviors among students.


03.14.18 - PHOTO: Hottinger Meets With Local High School Students To Discuss School Safety On National Walkout Day


COLUMBUS—Ohio State Senator Jay Hottinger (R-Newark) today met with students from Sheridan High School who were participating in the National School Walkout.


03.07.18 - Hottinger Named 2017 Public Elected Official Of The Year By Ohio Social Workers


COLUMBUS—The National Association of Social Workers in Ohio recently named State Senator Jay Hottinger (R-Newark) as the 2017 Public Elected Official of the Year. 


02.26.18 - Hottinger And Ryan Announce $2.6 Billion State Capital Bill


COLUMBUS—State Senator Jay Hottinger (R-Newark) and State Representative Scott Ryan (R-Granville Township) today announced the introduction of the state's Capital Budget, a $2.62 billion investment in Ohio's infrastructure, highlighting local community projects in Licking County. 


02.14.18 - Hottinger Encourages Recent Graduates To Apply For The 2019 LSC Fellowship Program


“I highly recommend the LSC Fellowship Program to anyone who wants to start their career off on the right path," said Senator Hottinger. "The LSC Fellows in my office have worked alongside me in meaningful ways and have gone on to have very successful careers in the public and private sector.”


02.01.18 - PHOTO: Hottinger Honors The 2018 Ohio Fairs' Queen


“Ohio’s future is bright thanks to young people like Morgan McCutcheon," said Senator Hottinger. "I was honored to recognize Morgan in front of the Ohio Senate today for her commitment to community, academics, and Ohio’s number one industry: agriculture."



12.22.17 - A Holiday Message By State Senator Jay Hottinger


In the coming days, many of us will gather to spread joy and gratitude and to celebrate the Holiday season with family and friends around dinner tables, in houses of worship, and in front of a warm fire.


12.20.17 - Hottinger Completes 2017 With Perfect Voting Record For 25th Consecutive Year


“Serving the people of the 31st Senate district is something I take great pride in doing," said Hottinger. "I am proud of my perfect record of attendance because it is an honor to be our community’s voice on important issues we care about such as creating jobs and making our hometowns safer.”


11.30.17 - Hottinger Announces Passage Of Legislation Honoring Fallen Kirkersville Police Chief


“The tragic deaths of Chief DiSario, Marlina Medrano and Cindy Krantz are still felt in Kirkersville and throughout Licking County," said Senator Hottinger. "I am thankful that today the Ohio Senate took a giant step towards permanently memorializing the sacrifice of Chief DiSario.”


11.15.17 - Ohio Lawmakers Reach Consensus On Bill To Keep Newark Digital Academy Open


“The work of the Conference Committee on this bill, proves that the Ohio Senate and House are committed to finding a solution that keeps Newark Digital Academy open," said Hottinger.


10.27.17 - COLUMN: Strengthening Protections For Victims Of Abuse


As Domestic Violence Awareness Month comes to an end, I want to take this opportunity to share with you a new effort I have introduced in the Ohio Senate, with the help of local leaders, to strengthen protections for victims of abuse.


10.04.17 - Hottinger Honored For Support Of Ohio Children Services Agencies


COLUMBUS—State Senator Jay Hottinger (R-Newark) was named Legislator of the Year today in recognition of his continued support for the children served by Ohio's children services agencies during a special presentation at the Public Children Services Association of Ohio's annual conference. 


09.07.17 - Hottinger Announces Funds For Local Law Enforcement, Connecting Overdose Survivors With Recovery Services


"Addiction destroys lives and wrecks families, which is why this investment to tackle the problem here in Tuscarawas County is so vitally important," said Hottinger. "For some, intervention by law enforcement and drug treatment professionals will mean the difference between death and recovery." 


08.31.17 - COLUMN: All Things Are Accomplished By Diligence And Labor


When you say you are going to do something, you ought to do it. We expect people to keep their promises. That’s especially true of our elected officials. The people of Ohio expect – and deserve – representatives who keep their word.


08.18.17 - Education Begins In The Home


Each new school year brings fresh challenges and responsibilities not only for students, but also for us as parents. Students whose parents take an active role in supporting their education perform better in class, stay more engaged and are more likely to stay in school than those students whose parents are not involved. Children whose parents consistently spend time with them have a higher self-esteem and stronger motivation to succeed in the classroom. 


08.15.17 - Hottinger Applauds Facebook Plans To Construct New Data Center In Licking County


"Facebook coming to central Ohio is a welcome addition to Licking County and will pair great with Amazon and the growing number of technology companies already located here. The investment and jobs that Facebook will bring is a major boost to Licking County’s 21st Century economy. Our residents should be proud that our workforce has the talent to attract some of the world's most innovative companies. Investments like these are making Ohio the Silicon Valley of the East."


07.31.17 - Statement From Hottinger On The Ohio Department Of Insurance's Announcement Of Coverage Access For Underserved Counties


"The challenges and uncertainty in the marketplace continue to be a house of cards, and the slightest changes could result in further turmoil, but today we celebrate the good news of the five carriers who have stepped up to serve Ohioans in those counties."


07.31.17 - Helping Ohio Families Save On Back-to-School Shopping: Sales Tax Holiday Set For August 4-6


Ohioans saved millions of dollars on back-to-school items during the prior Sales Tax Holidays, and stores saw significant boosts in statewide retail sales. Counties located along state lines fared even better. 


07.18.17 - Hottinger Announces $24M For Phase II Of Buckeye Lake Construction


“The future of Buckeye Lake is brighter than ever and today we took another step forward towards our goal of making Buckeye Lake a destination that attracts people and businesses from across Ohio and the Great Lakes region to central Ohio," said Senator Hottinger.


06.29.17 - Celebrating Our Independence


In the coming days, many of us will gather with family and friends for parades, picnics and fireworks to honor the 241st anniversary of our founding fathers’ signing of the Declaration of Independence. More than two centuries after this most historic of event, our forefathers’ vision of a land of freedom and opportunity for all continues to serve as a beacon of hope and promise to people throughout the world.


06.15.17 - Hottinger Announces Senate Passage Of Legislation Helping Families Save For Their Children's Futures


“The Ohio Senate is committed to lowering the financial hurdles for Ohio families who are saving for a loved one’s college education," said Hottinger, who sponsored Senate Bill 5 in the Ohio Senate. "As a parent, I am proud to sponsor this important piece of legislation. Ohioans will soon be able to take advantage of a little extra tax relief as they save for their children's futures."


06.07.17 - Senator Hottinger's Bill Creating A Full-time Perry County Judgeship Heads To Governor For Signature


"Today's passage is welcomed news for the people of Perry County," said Hottinger, who sponsored the bill in the Ohio Senate. "I look forward to carrying this bill across the finish line in the coming weeks."


06.06.17 - Hottinger Reacts To Anthem's Withdrawal From Ohio's Insurance Exchange


"I am disappointed by Anthem's decision to pull out of Ohio's individual marketplace but certainly not surprised. From its beginning, Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act, has had a chilling effect both on rising premiums and availability of competition.


05.24.17 - Statement From Senator Jay Hottinger On Union Hospital Announcement


“Union Hospital has been providing quality healthcare for Tuscarawas County and the valley for over 111 years. While we all would love to see the hospital maintain its independence, the growing challenges facing all community hospitals cannot be denied..."


05.17.17 - Senate Passes Legislation Helping Rebuild Lives Of Human Trafficking Victims


“I voted in support of this important legislation because victims of human trafficking deserve a fresh start, free from criminal convictions that through no fault of their own, are on their record," said Senator Hottinger.


05.12.17 - Hottinger Issues Statement Regarding Attack In Kirkersville


State Senator Jay Hottinger today issued a statement regarding the shooting incident that occurred this morning at a nursing home facility in Kirkersville, Ohio.


03.30.17 - Senate Passes Legislation Naming A State Highway In Honor Of Fallen Officer


"This legislation seeks to honor the courage, bravery, and sacrifice of Officer Cottrell who devoted his life to serving the people of this nation," said Hottinger. "I hope this small act goes a long way in showing our gratitude for his service and is a reminder to those who knew and loved him that his memory will live on."


03.29.17 - Hottinger Seeks To Reform Ohio's Opiate Prescribing Guidelines


"Immediate action must be taken in order to preserve the many lives that are on this destructive path," said Senator Hottinger. "Working together, making the necessary changes to the prescribing guidelines, I believe we can make a difference for the many suffering with an opioid addiction." 


03.17.17 - Creating A More Transparent And Accessible State Government


I remain committed to increasing the public’s confidence in elected officials to act transparently and justly and I will continue support efforts to keep our government accountable to you and all Ohioans.


03.13.17 - Funding Approved For Second Phase Of Buckeye Lake Dam Construction


“For residents, business owners and those who travel to Buckeye Lake, today is another milestone day that will have a positive impact on the community for generations," said Senator Hottinger.


03.03.17 - Serving The People Of Ohio's 31st Senate District


My staff is trained to recommend state resources that are available to Ohioans. When you encounter difficulty resolving an issue, please don’t hesitate to call me and ask for help. Recently, a family member of one of our soldiers brought to my attention the distressing veteran suicide rates. He wanted to know how his state was addressing the issue. After some research, I was able to follow-up with him and bring to his attention a multi-agency program in Ohio that monitors and helps veterans with mental health issues. 


03.01.17 - Hottinger Issues Statement On Decision To Raise Water Levels At Buckeye Lake


State Senator Jay Hottinger (R-Newark) today released the following statement regarding the decision from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to raise water levels at Buckeye Lake:


02.15.17 - Hottinger Announces Senate Passage Of Bill To Create Full-time Perry County Judgeship


“Creation of the Perry County Municipal Court will help to address the growing caseload and allow for more personalized attention to be given to drug-related cases, which has the potential to reduce recidivism,” said Hottinger.


02.14.17 - Hottinger To Serve On The Ohio Ballot Board


“It is a privilege to be chosen to serve on the Ohio Ballot Board," said Senator Hottinger. "I look forward to working with Secretary Husted and the rest of the Board to ensure that the issues put before Ohio's voters are easy to understand and consistent with the rules laid out in Ohio law."


02.10.17 - Hottinger Supports Bill To Eliminate Wasteful Spending On Uncontested Primary Elections


 “Supporting this legislation was an easy decision because it fights needless government spending and makes Ohio’s election process more efficient,” said Hottinger.


02.07.17 - Hottinger Announces 2018 Legislative Fellowship Program


“The Legislative Service Commission fellows that I have had the privilege of working with are incredibly smart and driven individuals who have gone on to great careers in government and the private sector," said Hottinger. "I encourage any new college graduate to apply to this meaningful fellowship because they will acquire the experience and skills necessary to be successful in life.”


02.03.17 - Hottinger Sponsors Legislation Helping Families Save For College And Disability Related Expenses


“Senate Bill 5 is an important piece of legislation in pursuit of the Ohio Senate’s goal to reduce the financial burden of higher education because it will allow Ohio taxpayers to keep more of their hard earned money if it is set aside into a college savings account. The legislation also helps families who have a child with a disability by increasing the maximum tax deductions for Ohio’s ABLE saving accounts.” 


02.01.17 - Hottinger Named Chairman Of Senate Insurance And Financial Institutions Committee


“I am honored to be selected to lead the Senate Insurance and Financial Institutions Committee," said Hottinger. 


01.11.17 - A Look Back At Ohio's 131st General Assembly


Over the last two years, my colleagues and I have been addressing various issues aimed at making our state and region a safer, better place to live, work and raise a family. 


01.03.17 - End Of 2016 Marks Another Year Of Perfect Attendance For Senator Jay Hottinger


“The citizens of Ohio’s 31st senate district selected me to represent them at the Statehouse on the issues that are facing our local communities and state. The support of my constituents and working at the Statehouse to represent their values is a great honor and it is why I am proud to have a perfect record of attendance,” said Hottinger.  


12.13.16 - Preventing OVI Offenders From Endangering Lives On Ohio's Roadways


Drunk driving remains a major hazard on Ohio’s roadways. Motorists who chose to get behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol claimed the lives of more than 350 Ohioans last year. The decision to drink and drive is senseless and inexcusable.


10.13.16 - Hottinger Named 'Friend Of Agriculture'


“I’m honored to receive the Friend of Agriculture award and proud to support the state's largest industry at the Ohio Statehouse," said Hottinger. 


09.30.16 - Hottinger Honored As Champion Of Public Education


“I’m honored to receive the Champion of Public Education award in its inaugural year,” said Hottinger. "I'm a proud product of public schools and happy to work with our schools to address their challenges as they strive to continually improve the quality of education they provide our students.”  


08.24.16 - Skyrocketing Premiums Are Further Proof That Affordable Care Act Is Anything But Affordable


State Senator Jay Hottinger (R-Newark) Chairman of the Senate Insurance Committee, today released the following statement regarding data recently released by the Ohio Department of Insurance illustrating how the cost of insurance premiums have skyrocketed as a result of the Affordable Care Act:


08.24.16 - Setting Your Child Up For Success


As a parent, you know the importance of preparing your children for school in hopes of giving them the tools to succeed in all of their endeavors. By providing a nurturing home environment you can give your child the keys to a successful future. Your consistent involvement in conjunction with Ohio’s dedicated teachers is the formula for a quality education.


08.08.16 - Community Celebrates Historic Opening Of The Holmes County Fair At Harvest Ridge


"For a county of this size to take on a relocation project of this scale is extraordinary," said Hottinger. "Holmes County residents should be proud of what today represents for the future of this fair and the community."



08.08.16 - Hottinger And Obhof Honor Local Cheese Maker At State Fair Sale Of Champions


"As the nation's number one producer of Swiss cheese, we can take pride in knowing that Ohio has the best in both the quantity and quality of our products thanks to the high standards set forth by companies like Guggisberg," said Hottinger.


07.19.16 - Making The Public Records Process More Accessible


A transparent government is what set America apart centuries ago, and today we must strive to ensure our government stays open and honest. This is why the members of the Ohio Senate voted to pass Senate Bill 321. This legislation, introduced by Senate President Keith Faber, created a process that makes it quick, cost-effective and simple for average Ohioans to navigate the public records request system.


05.25.16 - Hottinger Receives Ohio Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's Legislator Of The Year Award


“I've had the opportunity to partner with so many great advocates for CF throughout the years,” said Hottinger. “I’m humbled to have helped advocate for the healthcare needs of Ohioans impacted by this condition.”


05.24.16 - The War Against Fentanyl


Opioid overdoses are now the leading cause of accidental death in Ohio. The destructive new influence of fentanyl is just one more indicator that we as a state must engage in an all-out attack on the opiate epidemic in Ohio. We can't sit idly by while opiate addiction attacks the health of individuals, undermines the strength of families and unravels the fabric of entire communities. We must act immediately and decisively.


05.16.16 - Hottinger Announces Approval Of $2M For Roadwork In Etna Township Near Amazon Site


“We are very excited that Amazon has decided to build its facility here in Etna Township,” said Hottinger. “Workers will need easy access to the new facility and the roads must be in great condition. We must ensure Ohio is a welcoming place for companies like Amazon that are looking to bring jobs to our state.”



02.29.16 - Empowering Ohio's Good Samaritans To Take Action When A Child's Life Is At Risk


Children should never be left alone in vehicles, even for short periods of time. But when they are, we as a state can protect those who take action from potential repercussions. It is important that Ohio's Good Samaritans know they are protected when they seek to do the right thing. 


01.20.16 - Hottinger Urges Buckeye Lake Small Businesses To Consider Loan Application


“Many of the businesses at Buckeye Lake have had a difficult time due to the lower water level and the construction process,” said Senator Hottinger. “If it makes sense for them and their situation, I’d strongly encourage small businesses to apply for the SBA disaster loan to help relieve the economic burden they may be experiencing.”


01.11.16 - Hottinger Announces Approval Of $10.9M For Buckeye Lake Dam Renewal Project


“We are very pleased with the progress we have made on this project thus far,” said Hottinger. “We are on schedule and consistent with budget projections. Buckeye Lake construction has already begun, and we will continue to move forward towards a better lake and a safer community.”


01.07.16 - Insurance Prior Authorization Reforms Seek To Provide More Efficient Medical Treatment For Ohioans


As Chairman of the Senate Insurance committee, I understand the challenges facing many consumers as they navigate the health insurance market. This past year, I had the opportunity to oversee the passage of Senate Bill 129 out of the Senate Insurance committee. This legislation, sponsored by my colleagues Senators Randy Gardner (R-Bowling Green) and Capri Cafaro (D-Hubbard) makes several important changes to how prior authorization is handled by health insurers.


12.17.15 - Hottinger Ends Year With 100 Percent Voting Record


“Representing the people of the 31st Senate district is something I take great pride in doing,” said Hottinger. “It is an honor to be our community’s voice on important issues before the General Assembly. I’m proud to be recognized yet again for my perfect attendance, and I believe our community needs and deserves this type of dedication.”


11.22.15 - In Depth: A Buckeye Lake Update With Senator Hottinger


A closer look at the significant progress happening at the Buckeye Lake dam renovation project, featuring interviews with Senator Jay Hottinger (R-Newark), Ohio Department of Natural Resources Director Jim Zehringer and local residents.


09.28.15 - Hottinger Announces State Funds For Scholarships


"I spoke with the members of Controlling Board and I’m pleased they recognized the importance and value of this program," said Hottinger. "This scholarship will help ensure students have the opportunity to pursue their education. Crooksville is a great selection for the pilot program and it is my hope that it is a great success."


08.14.15 - Education Success Starts At Home


Mom or Dad, you may be wondering how you might take a more active role in your child’s education. The tasks you can do are simple but important, and if done consistently can work wonders in getting your student excited about learning.


08.03.15 - Giving Families A Tax Break This Back-to-School Season


Summer always seems to fly by. As fall approaches, families will start heading out to local stores and shopping centers for inevitable back-to-school purchases. This year, however, will be different. From August 7 through August 9, the state of Ohio will be instituting a sales tax holiday on back-to-school items to help families shoulder the costs of preparing for the fall.

Next weekend, clothing priced at $75 per item or less, school supplies priced at $20 per item or less, and school instructional materials priced at $20 per item or less will all be exempt from state sales and use tax. As a father of three, I know from experience that back-to-school purchases can be expensive. In 2012, the National Retail Federation estimated that the average amount families spent on back-to-school items was $688.82. This sales tax holiday will relieve some of the financial burden for families – especially families who are tight on cash.


07.20.15 - Hottinger Announces Approval Of $8.4M To Contract Engineering Firm For Buckeye Lake Dam Renewal Project


"The momentum behind the Buckeye Lake Dam Renewal Project continues to grow," said Hottinger. “Rehabilitating Buckeye Lake Dam is a massive undertaking, but today's decision demonstrates the state's commitment to expedite the process as much as possible."


06.29.15 - Working To Make Higher Education More Affordable


While our state government, colleges and universities have together taken significant steps to increase the affordability of Ohio’s higher education institutions, we recognize that more can be done.


06.25.15 - Ohio Senate Honors Granville High Softball Champions


“It was an impressive victory achieved by an impressive team,” said Hottinger. “We’re very proud to have this group of talented, dedicated young women representing the district. This victory speaks to their determination and ability.”


06.25.15 - Ohio Senate Recognizes Newark Catholic Baseball Champions


This year's victory marks the eighth state baseball title for the Newark Catholic Green Wave, who soundly defeated Berlin Center Western Reserve in a 6-0 final game at Huntington Park. Newark Catholic has played in the big ballpark for three consecutive years, winning the state title in 2013. 


06.24.15 - Hottinger Announces Senate Passage Of Bill To Save Lives Of Pain-Capable Unborn Children


"When we think of each one of these lives lost, we should question why abortion at 20 weeks continues to be legal. This legislation acts to protect unborn babies and their mothers, whose lives also come under serious threat from late-term abortions." 


06.18.15 - Hottinger Applauds Passage Of Senate Budget Maintaining Historic Preservation Tax Credit


"We needed more time to discuss the issue than the budget deadline allowed," said Hottinger. "I am confident that as we study the issue and continue the conversation with state leaders in historic preservation, the best way forward will become clear."


05.29.15 - Hottinger Welcomes Amazon Investment In New Albany


"Today's announcement by Amazon means more jobs, more economic development and more opportunity for central Ohio and western Licking County," said Hottinger. "Amazon and its subsidiary Valdata are the latest in an growing list of companies who call New Albany home."


05.27.15 - Hottinger Honors Millersburg Cheese Maker For Winning National Championship With 200-Pound Swiss Cheese Wheel


Hottinger said, "Once again, national judges have confirmed what everyone in my community already knows: Guggisberg cheese is second to none. Richard Guggisberg and his team deserve high praise for the ingenuity, commitment, and attention to detail that make their products so outstanding."


05.21.15 - Family Of Fallen Reynoldsburg Soldier Receives Ohio Military Medal Of Distinction


"We can never repay the debt that we owe to this brave soldier and his family," said Hottinger. "Stephen Byus will always be remembered for his selfless service and his dedication to family, community, and country."


05.18.15 - Building A New Foundation For Buckeye Lake


To the casual observer, the 177-year-old lake is a picture of beauty and serenity—the water level seems curiously low, but you may not immediately notice the signs that could shatter the idyllic scene at any time. This month, I visited various sites around the lake with Jim Zehringer, Director of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR). When you know what to look for, signs of serious structural problems are everywhere—trees and cracks deeply rooted in the lake's dam, seepage and persistent wet areas, and other signs of deterioration. 


05.13.15 - Hottinger Honors Somerset Mayor Thomas Johnson For Receiving Prestigious Arts Award


"Mayor Johnson has been a real friend to the arts in Perry County," said Hottinger. "His passion for developing arts and historic development projects has brought much-needed investment to the region."


04.14.15 - Hottinger Disappointed By Closing Of Former Manufacturing Giant, Pledges To Fight Against Job Loss


“In light of our community’s efforts to prevent this closure, we are sad to see Meritor go,” said Hottinger. “Nevertheless, we refuse to be discouraged. We will continue fighting to lower the cost of business and reduce barriers to economic growth in central Ohio so that the private sector can thrive.”


04.01.15 - CAUV Program Offers Property Tax Relief


I understand the importance of making sure Ohio has the healthiest possible economic climate for our farmers, and I am encouraged by the changes that will be made in calculating CAUV rates. As the improvements are implemented and the review of the CAUV tax system continues, I am optimistic that as a state, we will work to ensure that Ohio’s agriculture continues to grow and thrive.  


02.03.15 - Hottinger Reintroduces Legislation Aimed At Retaining STEM Talent


State Senator Jay Hottinger reintroduced a bill that seeks to strengthen Ohio’s workforce and retain top talent in the state, while making education more affordable.


01.23.15 - Hottinger Named Chairman Of Senate Insurance Committee


Ohio Senate President Keith Faber today appointed Senator Jay Hottinger to serve as the Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Insurance.


01.23.15 - Sen. Hottinger Announces Legislative Scholarship Opportunity For Career Training


State Senator Jay Hottinger has announced the 2015 Legislative Scholarship Program that assists students in obtaining necessary education and training to obtain a job in an Ohio business or industry.


01.05.15 - Hottinger Sworn-in, Retakes Seat In Ohio Senate


During the Opening Ceremonies, Jay Hottinger (R–Newark) was sworn-in as a member of the Ohio Senate, representing the 31st District in the state legislature’s upper chamber. Senator Hottinger won election to the seat in the November 4, 2014 General Election.